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wickedchild_md's Journal

Sanity is just something that happens to other people

1 June
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If it ever strikes you to friend me, I'm not opposed to such a new adventure. Just remember that it's my journal and I can say and do whatever I please within. Perhaps it might help if you know a little about me.

I like living in my mind, I have intelligent, amusing, focusing, strange, scary conversations there and am quite happy. The people in my head tend to be better company than those outside my head. I'm a solitary creature by nature, but that doesn't mean I don't want attention from time to time.

Do know that I have no self confidence whatsoever and I doubt I'll ever achieve any sense of self-worth. I also throw the most bizarre and random thoughts out there. I find beauty in the oddest things including what may be termed as dark and/or macabre. Sometimes what I write and/or think will reflect that.

I love anime and manga. I tend to fangirl in the oddest of ways over my obsessions. I like the pretty boys and I really like them with pretty girls. Or pretty girls with other pretty girls.

I used to like writing, whether it's "original" fiction (wickeds_myth) or fan fiction (eyeliner__crush). Lately I don't like anything I produce and I'm questioning my talent or lack thereof. I love to read but my attention span for anything fan related has dwindled so I'm attempting to get back into novels. Sometimes my flist is subjected to my attempts at icon making (mythicons) and any other type of graphic I can, or think I can, create.

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